pushBUTTON成立于2003年,由设计师Park Seung Gun创立,它以独特、古怪、疯狂和前卫的设计,打造出品牌独有风格与时尚态度在时尚界绽放光芒。2014秋冬系列是极具野性和生命力的一季作品,来ALTER体验试穿吧。

pushBUTTON is a women’s wear design that was launched in 2003. Since its launch, the brand had rapidly acquired strong followings within fashion community with its unique, quirky, crazy and fun design. pushBUTTON’s bold and daring collection made fashion insiders often say that the most rising designer who has been looking for exactly.


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独立设计师品牌G.V.G.V. 2014秋冬系列中,采用少女般柔和的粉色基调,以一种轻盈和跳跃的方式,展现女性青春灵动的气质。在主打款式中,借鉴了日式和服廓型,衬托了年轻女性的恬静兼具甜美。该系列即将登陆ALTER。Known for it’s uncannily perfect mixture of masculinity and femininity, G.V.G.V.has been steadily climbing the ladder in Tokyo’s fashion industry, and is now surfacing and presenting itself as a global fashion label worthy of (a lot of) attention. In 1991, designer, Mug laid down the framework and basics of what eventually became G.V.G.V. after graduating from Tokyo’s Kuwasawa Design School. 

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“触摸感的表面,干净的线条”,Ohne Titel秋冬2014这场秀简约而不简单,你会惊叹于干净利落的线条剪裁,但绝对不会感觉平庸。两位设计师懂得如何能让一件毛衫变得更加有趣。针织技术的发展给他们的设计提供了无限的可能。本季的纹理灵感来自当代艺术家Kasper Sonne的作品。跟着ALTER一起进入本季Ohne Titel秋冬秀场吧!

“Tactile surfaces, clean lines,” read the show runner at Ohne Titel, clean were the lines, but plain they were not. These two certainly know how to make a sweater look interesting. With the advancements in knit technology, the possibilities offered to them seem endlessly adaptable. As a backdrop, they had textural slice works by contemporary artist Kasper Sonne as a backdrop.

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FREYA DALSJØ is designed by Danish Freya Dalsjö. After living in Berlin she moved to Antwerp to study fashion at the renowned Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and in June 2012 she launched her own brand FREYA DALSJØ.

FREYA DALSJØ是丹麦的设计师同名品牌。设计师FREYA从柏林来到了安特卫普皇家艺术学院学习时尚。在2012年6月,她推出了自己的同名品牌FREYA DALSJØ。

The SS14 collection was a surprisingly distinct change of style for the designer, a break from her previous collections of strong, avante-garde silhouettes and combinations of neoprene and leather. ALTER brings you to the FREYA DALSJØ fashion world.



The ideal of FREYA DALSJØ is a woman, who is not even doubting. She is not innocent, but confident and seductive. She doesn't uniform herself with clothes, but frames herself in it.


创建FREYA DALSJØ的理念是一个女人–她并不天真,很自信并诱人。她不会用服饰来约束自己,但是会把自己跟服饰融为一体。

FREYA DALSJØ provokes the establishment with an artistic and architectural approach to fashion. Her signature is the beauty in the balance between contrasts; materials, textures, colours & emotions.

设计师FREYA DALSJØ的设计标识是艺术和建筑风格并存的时尚风格。她喜欢用对比的方法,通过材质、纹理、颜色和情绪的运用,来体现平衡感的美。

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One might be the loneliest number but in terms of the fine jewelry earring, it carries more than enough shine and sparkle. Seen on models at Céline, Louis Vuitton, and Tory Burch, the runway version of the single earring is bold, brassy, and connotes quirky charm!Think of it as the ultimate in minimalism. Plus, it's a total win for anyone who's ever lost an earring and was too stubborn to toss the other.



What you can get in ALTER:











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