AW13系列“THE THIRD EYE”——第三只眼,Bernard将他的独创性目光投射到世界神秘主义和新时代精神的冲突上。该系列非常时髦、诙谐、黑暗和不羁地渲染了对全世界最伟大宗教信仰遗迹的一种时尚性的理解。一种深奥的时代思潮通过佛陀、耶稣、穆罕默德、老子和克里希纳的思想本质转化成一种精神启迪。


With his aw 13 collection entitled THE THIRD EYE, Bernard Delettrez casts his ingenious gaze onto the colliding worlds of Mysticism and New Age Spirituality.A sort of esoteric zeitgeist through which the essences of Buddha, Jesus, Mahomet, Lao Tse and Krishna are all transmuted into one fundamental paradigm of spiritual enlightenment. 



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在Jonathan Saunders的设计系列中,每件服装都有自己独特的印花技术,而不是传统上的每个系列采取同一标准的工艺。 Jonathan Saunders Pre-Fall 13 系列的服装款式简洁并附有建筑感,整个系列的印花选取了大自然中的颜色,让人联想到了落日、大海、雾霭等一系列自然的元素。


His signature style – including vibrant colours, graphic prints, and A -line skirts- has won him a legion of high-profile fans including Michelle Obama, Sienna Miller and Thandie Newton, with his designs regularly making it onto the editors' best-dressed lists. 



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Vintage pieces, artists such Pollock for the materials, Picasso and Mondrian for the colours,Lovegrove for the structures…all nourish her creations. Exotic skins, python, sting ray, pony are some of the top quality materials adopted. The shoes take life in Italy thanks to the finest craftsmen near Venice.

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Summer 2013 takes on a graphic identity that asserts itself in exclusive, finely finished fabrics. It cultivates “grid” embroidery and perforations, fresh and deceptively dainty, vibrant visual references.


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AW13系列SIMONE ROCHA在她标志性的女孩风格中加入了精致唯美的薄纱设计,增添了一份尝试性的性感从而使得这一系列增加了不少成熟的优雅韵味。


For AW13, Rocha put a more sophisticated spin on her trademark girlishness. There was an aura of tentative sexiness that felt new, and a clutch of looks that had a rather adult tone of matter-of-factness. But none of this felt like a leap so much as an incremental advance; bit by bit, the Rocha gamine is growing up.There were other changes, too…



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