Anne Sofie Madsen是丹麦本土的品牌,一直致力于丹麦时尚的发展。Anne就读于丹麦皇家建筑艺术学院并与2009年顺利毕业,在法国的时候,她曾在John Galliano的手下学习,搬到伦敦居住以后又在Alexander McQueen旗下作为后进设计师工作学习,设计师的同名品牌Anne Sofie Madsen带点诡谲疯狂的创作风格,夸张不失唯美感的英伦风情让这个年轻的品牌备受瞩目,在2010年的伦敦时装周Anne向时尚界献上了她的首次高级成衣秀。

Born and raised in Denmark, Anne Sofie Madsen studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from where she graduated in 2009.Anne Sofie Madsen worked for acclaimed trend forecasters Peclers and trained under John Galliano for Dior in Paris, before moving to London to work for Alexander McQueen as Junior Designer.

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Inspired by the stories, the secrets and longings for individuality in all women and with a background in strong narratives and quirky romance Natalie creates beautiful, fun, flirtatious looks with special attention to finish, fabric and detail.



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Claire Barrow2012年从威斯敏斯特毕业,在2013春夏伦敦时装周上,Fashion East资助了三位新人之一。她的作品给人强烈的视觉冲击。她的设计受到上世纪50年代乡村摇滚乐的影响。‚朋克让过去的节奏又重回到现在‛,Claire Barrow说。


Claire Barrow is a fashion designer fêted for her hand-painted unisex leather designs. Her unique aesthetic has won her a legion of fans from Vogue‘s Francesca Burns to Rihanna, and plaudits from Vogue, Dazed & Confused, Grazia, i-D and The Independent.

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韩裔设计师STEVE J以及YONY P,两位分别毕业于伦敦中央圣马丁以及伦敦时装学院。2006年获得CSM大奖,伦敦时装学院硕士以及三星时尚设计基金。2007年秋冬,STEVE J&YONY P第一次踏上伦敦时装周,并展示了同名奢侈品设计师品牌系列。他们首次的惊人登台系列受到了藏族文化的影响,从而形成英伦的朋克风格。STEVE J&YONY P所融合的是充满活力的手工独创印花、在传统服装上使用图形、极度凌乱的分层。


Designer Steve J and Yoni P who granted BA/MA(with Distinction) from Central Saint Martin College and MA from London College Fashion respectively and move animatedly by presenting a catwalk fashion show al London Collection and London/Paris showrom are “One to watch”duo designer selected by Autumn/winter 2007, STEVE J&YONY P set foot on London fashion week for the first time, and shows luxury designers with the same brand series.


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La chambre miniature 来源于法语,本意为“无限缩小的房间”,我们可以遐想出一个天真无邪的孩子在房间中玩玩具的美妙感觉。吾衣间的名字,取自“无意间”的谐音。


We are living in a high paced world constantly over stimulated with too much information. Our perception is stretched to the limit like a bow. We forget to enjoy or appreciate small things happening aroundus. Life as it happens while we are struggling for bigger things.



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