Charles, originally from Milan, has for several years lived in Shanghai's French Concession with his best friend and design partner Sheila. As an adherent devotee of striped shirts, Charles always thought it would be a better world if there were more stripes in it! So on a hot and humid Shanghainese afternoon, Charles had a white and blue striped shirt shoe made by a Chinese cobbler on Mao Ming Road. And thus, came the inspiration for the first CHARLES PHILIP slipper.

Today Charles and Sheila are joined by a little army of shoe cobblers – the craftsmen of Charles Philip signature slippers. Together they created their spring / summer 2011 collection, touching upon many of their favorite elements: the ease of the Moroccan babush, the elegance of the English gentry slipper and the freshness of striped cottons and soft colorful linens.

Although New York, Paris and Charles' native Milan hold the titles for the most prestigious fashion houses and headquarters, the world's approach to fashion is changing, and with that its location. Today fashion is becoming more difficult to define due to its expansion in versatility. Its spectrum is becoming wider and so are its consumers. Based in Shanghai ,

Charles Philip is positioned in an emerging city that is vibrant, alive and international. It is French, Italian, German, Austrian, American, Chinese, Swedish and Dutch.

It is the old French concession and the new skyline in Pudong, the pink Rolls-Royce and the old worn out bicycles. It is street barbecues and five star hotels. It is also the young international entrepreneurs drawn from around the world. It is the home base of many, and the Pied à Terre of countless others.

The world has become chic everywhere: from the Dakar, to Manhattan! So slip on this modern take of a classic slipper, put on a load of chic and a dash of edge and you will find yourself transported into a world of cool elegance.

Enjoy the stripes!



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