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Interview with the interior designer


Q. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the interior of Alter.


The philosophy of Alter, as the word say is to be and inspire an alternative world, so as a designer I imagined an alternative architectural space like the ones in the drawings of Escher, where gravity and the rules of the normal world doesn’t exist anymore, where there is not up or down, no left or right, and everything is possible.


Following this idea in the Alter store the stair become an independent element capable to wrap the space or to fold like a peace of paper creating impossible environments… or maybe possible, in the Alter dream.



Q What, if any, are the major challenges working as an architect in Shanghai compared to Italy?


Shanghai reminds me the movie “Brazil” because of this retro-future flavor.People here want the future, but they have the culture and the technology of the past.To satisfy them is a big challenge, many times frustrating. I feel more as a teacher than an artist in China, bringing not only technical knowledge but also political or philosophical.In Italy I can express totally myself and be understood but there are less opportunities to do it because of little dynamism of the economy.That’s why I spend most of the year in Asia.


Q. What do you hope Alter's clientele will experience from your interior design?


They will experience what is very difficult to find in shanghai; contemporary poetry.Alter space and fashion, want to touch the heart of the new metropolitan creatures born from the latest urban culture and sensitive to the very contemporary aesthetics and imagery. I think Alter is a concept made for the future Shanghai because at the present time there are very few of those creatures in this town.



Q. Do you think there is a relationship between interior design and fashion?


They are both forms of art, so for me they are almost the same thing.I can design an interior, a pair of shoes or a skyscraper with the same attitude.My art is coming from my ideas, my philosophy; those things can be applied to any scale or field of creation, just when I design a building I work together with structural engineers and when I design a dress I work with tailor consultants.



Q. How do you foresee your future as an architect?


Full of inquietude as usual. This is the main fuel for an artist to be reactive to the contemporary world matters and ethics.After Rome and Shanghai, I’m planning to open other branch in Beijing and São Paulo, Brazil. I find developing countries more alive than Europe where I love to spend my holidays and to intellectualize the world but where practical matters and real creations are very far.


Thanks for sharing his philosophizing with us…




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