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Have you seen the movie Alter. Ego?

Italian movie director Fabrizio Azzellini was so inspired by Alter. he decided to visualize the elements Art. Lifestyle. Taste. Essence and Rhythm in the form of a short, surreal movie. His aim was to direct a movie that encompasses Alter.’s philosophy by expressing individuality, a unique style and an alternative opinion of both fashion and lifestyle.


Fabrizio Azzellini translated this concept into film by making an ethereal world created through his imagination using an amazing venue, dramatic lighting, a host of fabulous individuals overdosing on style and glamour,  redefining the boundaries of beauty. A group of fashionistas are brought to life by a fairy, the two main characters of the movie captivate each other as their super-styled followers watch them fall in a unison of love.

The movie's visual power is dependent on Alter.'s clothing, accessory and lifestyle products. With attention to gorgeous dresses and show-stopping accessories the movie is a visual feast and an inspiration to anyone wanting to live by their own dreams.

I caught up with Fabrizio Azzellini recently to ask him about the movie Alter. Ego…

Q. Please tell us about your initial contact with Sonja Long.

A. Our first meeting was an explosion of ideas because we are kindred spirits sharing the same passion for life. I was inspired by Alter.’s concept because it is parallel with my lifestyle.

Q. What is your understanding of Alter’s concept?

A. Alter.’s concept can be translated on many levels: alternative to mainstream shopping, another side of yourself, an alter ego, your lifestyle in comparison with that of the status quo, focusing all your energy on work instead of the quality of life, a store where you don’t spend time but rather waste time hanging out, trying on great products, listening to music, reading and laughing with friends.

Q. How did you interpret Alter’s concept through your movie?


A. I wanted to use the idea of an imaginary mirror with the possibility of entering another world like the movie Doctor Parnassus. As if when you enter Alter. you are also escaping reality. The movie is somewhat of an illusion the same as if when you spend time at Alter. you can change the meaning of your life.

Thank you Fabrizio, thank you for the chat & good luck on your next movie.

Ok My Baguanistas, on my merry way outta here… Whoooosh!

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