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Tote包包的历史可以追溯到几百年前。但是真正开始流行是在1944年的美国,当时LL Bean专门为船民做了一款帆布材质的Tote包,由于这款包包简单且实用,很快便得到了女性们的青睐。从此以后Tote包包便大肆流行起来,成为了女性逛街购物时背的首选类型。

Tote bags have been used for centuries by mankind. Tote bag became popular when LL Bean released their first Boa Bag in 1944. It was a standard canvas bag that was designed for boaters. Since this bag was simple yet functional, it rapidly got popular among women. Of course, this was the time when tote bags came into the main scene and since then they have become one of the most common types of bags women take for shopping.


Tote bags are basically open bags. They can be small, large or even medium sized with a handle or a strap attached to the top middle center of each side. Usually, tote bags just have one huge compartment and nothing else. Tote bags are today even made of leather or parts of it are of all leather to make them look chic.

如今Tote包包的种类繁多,样式各异。由于其方便实用,女性们可以拿着它们去工作,同时也可以拿着去参加Party。Tote包包不再只是实用的代名词,同时也是时尚和优雅的体现。各大设计师们将Tote包包设计得越来越精致且不失实用性。比如来自伦敦的著名手袋品牌Sophie Hulme就设计出了很多受全球时尚人士和明星喜爱的Tote包包。

Today, there are several types of tote bags available in the market. Women even take them to parties and to work since they are convenient and spacious. They are no longer just practical bags but they are also stylish and elegant today. Many designers today are producing tote bags that are exquisite yet practical.Today, fashion lovers and consumers can find tote bags in a variety of decorations and themes.Such as Sophie Hulme's tote bags are more and more popular by many celebrities nowadays because of it's practical and special designs.

Sophie Hulme Tote bag

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