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备受时尚达人和明星追捧的LES PETITS JOUEURS,用其充满趣味的手包征服了时尚圈,大胆的用乐高积木作为灵感,就像是该品牌设计师一样,在一个法语单词都不会讲的请款下勇闯巴黎,靠的就是那颗纯真无惧的童心。跟着ALTER进入这多彩的时尚手包世界吧,找到你的童年,选出你的时尚宠儿!

Maria Sole Cecchi, also known as Les Petits Joueurs designer, was just of age when she left her house in Florence to go to Paris in search of inspiration for a lifetime. The inspiration came when she began to create special bags, by re-editing some old ones she had: she glued the famous Lego brick on them, she went out the same night, accompanied by her new accessory, and to her surprise… it was a HIT. Conceived out of her love for the unique, what started as a pastime to satisfy her own desires and tastes, quickly began to gain the attention and curiosity from the fashion elite worldwide.


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由旅居上海的香港独立设计师张北永(Badwin Cheung)于2010年创立的独立设计师品牌JUST FOR TEE,这个以Tee为主载体的品牌,却并不是“只有Tee”的含意。希望唤醒信仰缺失时代中每个人心中的自我、每个人心中的“Just For”:为自己内心真正的信念去求索、去坚持。


Just for Tee2014春夏作品系列再次来到上海国际时装周,一场充满虚幻诡秘,摩登前卫又玩味的时装秀将带领你遇见一个未知的自己。此次JUST FOR TEE为我们讲述的是由一个被丢弃在废墟中的玩偶娃娃而引发的灵感思潮。她被无情折断的手和脚是本季系列的细节特点及创意的由来。“折断”延伸开的最新春夏系列作品风格明显且令人耳目一新。也希望通过“折断”的思绪来折射人性的冷漠,从而唤醒自己去坚持、去关爱。

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来自德国的设计师Markus Lupfer用清新独特的风格,精雕的细琢为他赢得了一大批明星粉丝,例如Madonna, Beyonce, Rhianna等。今天就跟着ALTER一起了解一下这位备受明星追捧的设计师吧!

Markus Lupfer's innovative and often surreal use of print, embroidery and graphic embellishment, continues to earn him a devoted celebrity following.


How did you get into the fashion industry?


ML: It just happened really. I've loved it since I was 15,I've always been creative by doodling and scribbling.

你心目中的Markus Lupfer女神?

Who do you see as the Markus Lupfer woman?

Olivia Palermo。她穿衣简单大方,从来不会穿得很复杂,但是却一直那么性感、时尚又随意。

ML: Olivia Palermo, she dress so simply, never wears anything too complicated but always looks sexy, stylish and effortless.


What would you say your designs are described as most?


ML: My clothes are daywear, but still sexy and stylish. Fun, easy to wear and comfortable.

MARKUS LUPFER Springsummer2014 is now available at Alter Concept Store.


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ALTER精选品牌Missy Skins 2014春夏系列“复古的浪漫”正式入驻上海ALTER概念店!设计师Jessica Burs和Victoria Ivachoff接受了Time Out的采访。该品牌的目的是为了让皮革服饰更加时尚并且价格定位让人能够轻松接受。

Jessica Brus and Victoria Ivachoff are the brains behind new Shanghai-based womenswear label Missy Skins, which aims to make leather modern, affordable and accessible. As their spring/summer 2014 collection ‘Vintage Romance’ launches, they tell Time Out about family politics, new generation leather and body confidence.


‘We've both always loved leather, but don’t have the money to spend 10,000RMB on a pair of Acne or Helmut Lang leather leggings. While brainstorming ideas together, we realised that no-one was offering good quality leather pieces at affordable prices’ – Victoria


‘The first part of our brand name came from our aunt: she's always called us missies. A missy can be anyone-a tomboy, a girly girl,a goody two-shoes or a cool chick. Skins relates to the leather itself: it's literally a skin, we wanted the pieces to fit like a second skin, and they're for a girl who's comfortable in her own skin'-Jessica


‘We spent a lot of time sourcing hand-washable leather that doesn’t shrink, to keep maintenance costs down. We didn’t want people paying 3,000RMB for something and having to spend 1,000RMB on dry-cleaning. The clothes reflect our own tomboy styles, with classic shapes like a T-shirt dress, leggings and boyfriend shorts’ – Jessica


‘Leather leggings are actually very complimentary: anyone can wear them, it’s just about confidence. Even though Jess and I have very different body types – she’s tall and slim, I’m shorter and very curvy – they work on both of us. If you still think your legs aren’t skinny enough, we also do half leather, half ponte [a thick, two-way stretch material] leggings’ – Victoria


‘It’s hard convincing people to wear leather in the summer. For the new collection, we worked on finding really lightweight, breathable suede, which I road-tested on safari in Africa’ – Jessica


‘Running a family business brings its own challenges, but we’ve both worked for our aunt before, when she was based in Sydney as a designer. We’re pretty honest with each other, there’s never any misunderstandings, nothing is ever left unresolved’ – Victoria

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