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如果问一下Lady GaGa,Rihanna, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller,Alexa Chung, ParisHilton等出镜率极高,对新设计颇为敏感的明星兼时尚小白鼠们近期都拿过哪个品牌的手袋,答案绝对会让Angel Jackson背后的姐妹花Katie和Millie笑得春风得意。

Katie 与Millie Smith两人分别驻扎在伦敦与印尼巴厘的工厂——一个负责创意与产品设计,另一个则专注于手袋从设计图纸到产品的制作过程。两人分工明确,既要让产品外观融于品牌美学,同时确保手袋质量方面的无可挑剔性。相较其他品牌,拥有自家的厂房的确为实现这一点提供了许多便利,更重要的是,姐妹俩还能坚持“良心生产”,相信这一点很少有时尚品牌能够启及。

Angel Jackson的辨认符号除了华丽,现代感十足的设计以外,还有自内而外散发的” Don’t mess with me”个性态度。优雅,时髦兼带一点点不羁,做工精良的稀有皮革手袋却并不卖不切实际的天文高价,难怪如此多的都会女性从Angel Jackson身上看到自己的影子。

Angel Jackson is a collaboration between sisters – Katie and Millie Smith- UK based Katie is the designer and creative director and Millie – the sales and logistical manager also offers feedback during the design process, helping to simplify and realise their innovative designs from their Balanese factory. The sisters have an uncompromising attitude in their approach to design and production and are both passionate and dedicated to the belief and importance of producing beautifully hand crafted products in ethical working conditions.
Recognised by the British Fashion Council and British Vogue, Angel Jackson was the first and only accessories label to be short-listed for the highly esteemed Designer Fashion Fund, alongside catwalk designers, Erdem and Christopher Kane.
Angel Jackson is widely recognized for its stylish and glamorous designs that have a "don't mess with me" attitude. Angel Jackson continually deconstruct ideas to produce accessories that are both modern and super chic but with a healthy dash of underground edgy-luxe.

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