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Simone Rocha这唯美的一季堪称全家盛事。走秀当天,她生于香港的设计师父亲John 和爱尔兰母亲Odette坐在前排,这一季的面料采购都是妈妈亲自掌管。她弟弟负责走秀音乐。 Simone本季灵感全部是关于她的两位祖母,一边是爱尔兰,一边是中国。她称之为“尊重你的长辈”。

It was a family affair at Simone Rocha's show. Her father, the Hong Kong–born designer John Rocha, was sitting in the front row with her Irish mother, Odette, who works with Simone on sales and the sourcing of her fabrics. Her brother Max Rocha was in charge of music. And Simone’s collection was all about her two grannies, Margaret Gleeson on the Irish side and Cecelia Rocha on the Chinese side. She called it “Respect Your Elders.” (by Sarah Mower,VOGUE)


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The milliner talks hat making for some of fashion’s biggest names

Noel Stewart 显然懂得如何以最佳的语言叙述女帽的故事,他近年来在伦敦声名鹊起,以自己独特的的结构技巧和无可挑剔的细节赢得了各大设计师的秀场合作。包括Gareth Pugh, SIBLING, Hussein Chalayan, Viktor & Rolf 和之前就紧密协作的的 Erdem, Oscar de la Renta, Richard Nicoll and Marc by Marc Jacobs等等。而这些仅仅是在他建立了自己的个人品牌的短短十年间。

speaks the language of fine headwear. The milliner is one of the most innovative talents of his kind to rise up London’s fashion echelons in recent years; his finesse for structure and impeccable detail stands alone. Stewart revved his collaborative engine during the SS13 season, crafting hats for Gareth Pugh, SIBLING, Hussein Chalayan, Viktor & Rolf and more. This adds to a roll call that already includes working with the likes of Erdem, Oscar de la Renta, Richard Nicoll and Marc by Marc Jacobs in the ten short years since launching his eponymous label.



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        2005年创立的品牌设计抢眼、做工精良,转眼间成为明星名流的IT BAG。英国设计师手袋品牌,由一对英国姐妹设计经营。
        品牌经典的设计加上英伦的摇滚精神,风格时尚性感,更常常运用了稀有皮革,如蛇皮、蜥蜴皮等。诸如Kate Moss,SiennaMiller,AlexaChung和Lady GaGa都是她手袋的忠实爱好者。充满复古细节的Angel Jackson手袋,在蛇皮花纹的运用上可以说是毫无节制——这归功于Katie和Millie对蛇纹的大胆想象——将原本就高调蛇皮图案再加以艳丽的色彩对撞之余还缀上了金属链,且在她们的设计下好看到犀利。





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