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When British sisters Kate and Millie Smith set out to prove that fashion and ethical practices can coexist, producing luxury bags in a nurturing Bali workshop, they surpassed everyone's expectations. After just one season, in 2005 Angel Jackson’s signature "don't mess with me" elegance took home the coveted Topshop New Designer Award, then in 2010 scored a spot on the BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund shortlist.


Modern architecture, postmodernism, fusion of cultures, and the idea of a bright new world are design sparks for Angel Jackson. Not synonymous with avant-garde couture, the girls decided Bali with their love of its exotic culture and faith in its unsung artistic excellence provided the perfect foundation for their exclusive atelier. 

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Piers Atkinson所拥有的头衔,几乎像他设计的帽子一样多!艺术家、插画家、帽子商人、服装设计师、派对组织者、时尚编辑甚至DJ…… 这些身份统统都属于他。Piers Atkinson用他的创意,将帽子设计变成像童话一样唯美、奇幻的工作。从制帽师母亲那里Piers Atkinson学到了制作帽子的技艺,之后为Zandra Rhodes以及伦敦资深时尚买手&公关人Mandi Lennard工作的经验让他对时尚界有了更深刻的理解。

2008年2月,Piers Atkinson正式推出了自己的帽子系列,并从此开始按季度发布自己的作品。2008年秋冬,Piers Atkinson推出的‚The Mouse that Roared‛系列更是大获成功,各大时尚网站都在疯狂转载着Piers Atkinson那些以恶搞米老鼠为灵感来源的有趣帽子。他的明星客户名单中,包括了Anna Dello Russo、Kate Moss、Lady Gaga、Rihanna、Cate Blanchett…在著名的英国皇家Ascot赛马会现场,也总能看到有来宾佩戴着Piers Atkinson的作品。

Piers Atkinson is a London based milliner who famously brings fun and imagination to millinery. His hats and headpieces can be seen on famous clients Anna Dello Russo, Lady Gaga, The Princesses of York, Rihanna and the chic and stylish at Ascot, London Fashion Week and red-carpet events. Piers’s creations regularly appear in the pages of Vogue, Italian Vogue, V Magazine, Tatler and the London broadsheets. His hats sell the world over.

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