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出生于墨西哥的 Phoebe and Annette,在美国读完了大学并在纽约开始了她们的时装历程。 做过时尚顾问的Phoebe以及攻读剧场设计的Annette在一次去日本的旅途中,深受灵感启发,决定创立自己的配饰品牌。

Anndra Neen 2009年由 Phoebe 和 Annette Stephens姐妹创办, Anndra Neen 试图还原首饰制品的诞生原貌,并且将这种质朴、自然的风格再生,融入到现代设计中。Anndra Neen品牌的灵感主要来源于姐妹两在墨西哥的童年以及许多的艺术家和艺术作品。系列融合了欧洲,埃及以及中世纪法国的饰品设计,充满独特的艺术气息。运用不同的金属材料,手工制作完成,成为近期时装秀场外街拍高频单品。这种历久弥新的设计受到越来越多的时尚人士的追捧。

Anndra Neen was founded in April 2009 by sisters Phoebe and Annette Stephens. As an expression of their shared vision for jewelry and accessories, their design evokes personal histories and inspirations. Born and raised in Mexico City, they attended college in the United States. They then moved to New York City where Phoebe became a fashion specialist for Phillips de Pury and Annette pursued a career in theatre. During a trip to Japan, the sisters decided to start their own jewelry line. Their inspirations are as diverse as they are and begin with a childhood surrounded by artists.

In September 2010 during fashion week, they were invited to be a part of Harper’s Bazaar’s first Accessories BAZAAR sponsored by the CFDA. They also collaborated with designer Matthew Ames for his Spring 2011 collection. In February 2011, they created metal birdcages to house their fall collection for their event at Milk Gallery. In October 2011, Anndra Neen was awarded the prestigious Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize. Their pieces have been worn by Michelle Obama, Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Nicole Richie, and Anna Paquin, among others.


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