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For his new 2013 S/S collection, Cesare Casadei has decided to investigate the idea of the discovery of self and pleasure using one of the most sophisticated weapons in the world: women’s footwear.

The new Casadei collection is an invitation to transcend the boundaries of discovery. A sophisticated appeal to abandon oneself to that explosive pleasure that only a shoe can give. Because these creations have the ability of undressing a woman in order to then re-clothe her with desire and beauty.


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Rupert Sanderson品牌10周年纪念

A/W 11 Collection available at Alter and via our online store2011秋冬系列ALTER有售—光临网上店铺

On the spot: Rupert Sanderson Let’s begin with a bit of storytelling… In the year of 1997 young Sanderson resigned from his career in advertising and decided to try his forces in a totally different field. He traveled to London to learn how to make shoes at the Cordwainers College. It happened that the choice was more than right and during the summer break of the two year course he rode a motorbike to Italy to visit as many shoe factories, tanneries and last makers as he could. He was already trapped. Effort along with incredible talent and sense of style has quickly made him to become one of top world’s shoe designers.

直击:关于Rupert Sanderson让我们先从一个故事说起… 那是1997年,Rupert Sanderson还在广告行业供职,年轻的他开始想要尝试进入一个非常不同的领域。他旅行至伦敦,并在伦敦艺术大学配饰专业学习如何设计制作鞋子。在两年课业中的暑假,Rupert Sanderson骑着他的摩托车到意大利旅行, 造访很多当地的制鞋工厂、制革厂乃至鞋楦厂, 这些经历让他豁然开朗。辛勤的积累加与惊人的天份,加上Rupert Sanderson对时尚的敏感, 使他迅速成为一名世界顶级的鞋履设计师。

No longer than 10 days ago Rupert Sanderson was celebrating 10 years anniversary of his fabulous brand.

还有不到10天, Rupert Sanderson就将迎来他个人品牌成立的十周年。



Terri by Simon Thiselton for Rupert Sanderson Autumn Winter 2011-2012 Simon Thiselton 为Rupert Sanderson2011-2012秋冬系列拍摄的大片

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