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The chances that you don’t know the name Pierre Hardy yet are relatively small, but even if it happens to be so, you definitely seen his face before. It’s quite one of a kind.


要说不知道Pierre Hardy名字的机率应该是非常小的,就算你没有听过他的名字,但是你有看过他的样子。 他就是这么样的一个人。

Pierre Hardy photographed by Mikael Jansson

Like many intensely creative people, Pierre Hardy does not restrict himself to one measly discipline. I have read his biography and being truly impressed decided to share a bit with you…

就像许多非常有创造力的人一样,Pierre Hardy没有把他自己束缚在一个所谓的框架中。我有读过他的自传,并被他的故事深深的感染。


As a student of fine arts, Pierre Hardy also studied dance intensively and that seems to be a path that he will follow in his future career.


作为一个学习美术的学生,Pierre Hardy 同时学习了跳舞,这个可以看成是他以后人生的事业。



At the same time he discovered shoes through working as an assistant, a position that quickly lead to him designing the shoe collections for Christian Dior.


他在做助理的时候,对鞋子有很深的研究。不难想象,他很快就成为了Christian Dior的鞋履设计师。


Expanding his reach Pierre Hardy produced illustrations for magazines like Vogue Homme International and Vanity Fair.


为了拓展他自己的设计,Pierre Hardy 为杂志VOGUE HOMME 国际和Vanity展会绘制插画。



And this is only the beginning…





In 1990 he was named Creative Director of the women’s then men’s footwear collections at Hermès, in 2001 he also became fine jewelry Creative Director for the famous leather goods house and the same year his collaboration with Nicolas Ghesquière (Balenciaga) had began.


Pierre Hardy1990年时候,在爱玛仕前后担任了女士和男士鞋的创意总监。2001年,他在著名的皮具品牌担任高级珠宝设计总监。自从2001年,他和Nicolas Ghesquiere的合作后,他自己又得到了近一步的发展,从而为他的设计进入了巴黎世家鞋的系列。



For spring 1999, Pierre Hardy created his first collection of women’s shoes under his own name. In 2002 and 2006, respectively, he followed up with men’s and bag lines and from then he is a frontier accessories designer.


1999年春季,Pierre Hardy开办了和他同名的首个系列。20022006年,他也添加了男士系列和箱包系列。自从2003年以来,他的系列已拥有了自己的珠宝组合。

 A/W 11 Collection


It is a phenomenon how fast he has became so hot in Hollywood, receiving requests from Nicole Kidman for custom made shoes and handbags for the Oscars and SAG awards.


他如今之快的成为一个好莱坞赤手可热的当红设计师简直就是一个奇迹,他获得为Nicole Kidman设计鞋子,以及为奥斯卡颁奖礼和SAG颁奖礼设计手包。









There is no doubt that his bags and shoes are celebrities’ favorite peak this season.









Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl’ s Blair) wearing Pierre Hardy bag



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