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On the spot: A rising star on a Paris fashion circuit has just joined Alter designer’s forces. I am talking about Anthony Vaccarello, a Belgian-born and Italian-descended designer, who ruled the last fashion week with his slender, tempting silhouettes.


热点聚焦: 来自巴黎的时尚新星Vaccarello刚加入了 Alter 设计师队伍。Vaccarello,一个出身于比利时有着意大利血统的设计师,他以他强有力的细长look在刚过去的时装周上大出风头。


AV show on the first day of Paris Fashion Week


Anthony studied fashion at the prestigious La Cambre school in Brussels and his graduate collection was presented at the fashion festival in Hyeres in the South of France in 2006 where it won the «Grand Prix mode». Then he went on to work for Karl Lagerfeld at Fendi where he specialized in fur designs.

A brilliant decision to strike out on his own to create an independent brand fruited in 2008 – the lebel Anthony Vaccarello was born.

The latest new is Anthony won one of the most prestigious awards within the industry – ANDAM Fashion Award and took home €200,000 prize.


Anthony 毕业于布鲁塞尔著名的La Cambre 学院,2006年,他和他的毕业系列被邀参加了位于法国南部的服装盛宴,并赢得了《最佳系列金奖》。接着他到了Fendi,在Karl Lagerfeld手下做皮草类的设计与研究。

创造一个完全独立服装品牌的梦想最终实现于2008年——以Anthony Vaccarello为名的品牌诞生了。



   A/W 11 catwalk   


His Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collection reflects a desire to combine different eras with artists who have inspired him in his creativity. Thus, slender silhouettes from the 20's that have a futuristic medieval touch. With Mondrian’s graphics, Paul Soulages’ shades of blacks, and Rebecca Horn’s scalpel like cuts, Vaccarello’s collection is a mingle of inspirations.


 "I was inspired by the idea of a woman carrying her femininity with armour. It was also about art deco meets the metropolis," Vaccarello explains. 





Stunning Abbey Lee wearing AV creation


The collection is a black statement, but only in case of colour. Anthony loves black and its authority. A color that has no compromise.

He got my full support for this, because in my opinion no matter how many times you hear that something is a new black, it’s always a lie. There is no second black.





Not to find it boring or outdated Anthony plays with light, unveils the dark shades and combine stiff and masculine texture like felt, with sharp cuts that reveal skin normally hidden.

He draws the female figure to look stringent and sensual, being both rigorous and lightweight but still graphic and radically black.







A/W 11 Look Book featuring Lou Dillion


So damn sexy…




  See how our girl Amiki rocks the look!







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