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The fact that luxury fashion has been redefined in the last few years is commonly known. We are no longer willing to buy high priced and high quality goods only because of its tangible value. Now we want a concept, a fresh idea that stands behind a brand, a story that will make our shopping experience special. In the same time we know, which brands to avoid in order to stay secure and not commit a fashion cliché. All that leads to the fact that these days it’s getting harder and harder to follow up with fashion, but also it’s getting harder to become truly amused…




So what is the future of luxury? The answer has arrived today’s morning to our HQ and it’s called – Karolina Zmarlak.


那么未来奢华感都会是什么样的呢? 那么让今天早上才到达我们总部的品牌Karolina Zmarlak来给你答案。

NY based, Polish Designer graduated from F.I.T.’s fashion-design program with a specialization in tailoring in 2007, did an intern of both Theory and Carolina Herrera (not to mention winner of Gen Art’s Styles award for eveningwear in 2005), after that spent a couple of years mostly designing made-to-measure pieces for private clients before debuting her eponymous ready-to-wear label for fall '09.

2007年,设计总部在纽约的波兰设计师Karolina Zmarlak毕业于F.I.T的时尚设计专业,他的专长是手工缝纫。他为Theory Carolina Herrera做过实习(他是2005Gen Art’s 造型奖最佳晚装奖),实习之后,他花了几年为重要的私人客户定做服装,她的第一个成衣系列在2009年秋季开售的。



Yesterday, I finally had an occasion to see and touch her A/W 11 collection and I have to admit that it went way beyond my expectations. It’s a kind of cloths that really makes you feel special – perfect tailoring, best quality fabrics, bold, expressive design – it’s everything that you are looking for when hunting for modern luxury.





The title of the collection is “Double Identity” and I can imagine it is very personal to Karolina, since the inspiration stemmed from her childhood growing up in Communist Poland. The story behind says that from an early age, she learned how a strict society can challenge a woman’s individuality, and stifles her freedom to imagine and create her own reality. Being pushed to search for means of expression and humanism on her own has resulted in building a strong individual identity.


这个取名叫双重身份的系列,我可以想象对Karolina来说是非常个人的特别私人的理解。灵感是从她童年在波兰的一个体现。 在早些时候, 设计师学到了女性在如此严峻的社会是怎样是受到挑战的,去让自己的自由得到舒展和去创造自己的现实生活。女性在这个环境中被强迫去寻找一种表达方式和人文主义,经常表现在各种不同的个人矛盾的消耗,这种挣扎常常表现在一个很强的个人形态中。



 ‘Double’ has also another reason in this case. Conceptual ideas have been translated into convertible pieces that can be worn in seemingly endless ways — picture a beige skirt that becomes black once you turn it inside out, or a jacket that can be worn in a multitude of ways — that’s the direct meaning of Karolina’s double identity.




“My friends realized how much ‘one-time-wear’ crap they accumulated in their closets over the past ten years. Convertibility is about personalization, and I think that’s very important to the modern client.” – says the Designer.



“I’ve always gravitated toward clothes that allow me to express my style, not dictate it.”



This statement Alter wholeheartedly support.



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