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Let’s continue last week’s topic and dig a bit deeper into the Belgian ‘thing’. Today, I’d like you to meet Stephanie, a talented Belgium girl, the designer who stands behind our favorite leggings brand – Been by D’Heygere.


让我们继续上周的话题,让我们一点点去了解,去认识这个不一般的“比利时“。今天,我想介绍Stephaine给你们认识,她是一个极具天赋的女孩,她就是大热紧身贴腿裤品牌Been byD’Heygere背后的的设计师。



I’d read her biography and I was so impressed that I decided to share a bit of it with you.





Stephanie graduated in the master degree of Royal Academy of Fine arts, Fashion Department, Antwerp, in the same time being a graduate student of the balcher degree. Shortly after that she worked for Jeremy Scott and Zac Posen, Peter Jensen and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.


Stephanie毕业于皇家美术学院时尚系,并同时取得了硕士和学士学位。毕业后,她为Jeremy Scott Zac Posen, Peter Jensen 以及Jean-Charles de Castelbajac工作过。



Her Master Degree collection was called “Humanimalus”, which is the meaning of mixing human being with animals. Below you can see few sketches and the final result. There’s no surprise that she got an opportunity to work with the brightest people in the business just after her graduation – her first work is just brilliant!






Stephanie’s drawings for her master collection “Humanimalus”






“Been by D’heygere” is a name of a brand created by Stephanie, and if you are wondering what is the reason for this name, I am ready to explain – “Been” means leg in Flemish and “D’heygere” is the surname of designer.


Stephanie创建了“Been by D’heygere”这个品牌,如果你弄不明白为什么会取这个名字,那么我想可以这样来解释,”Been”在比利时语里面是腿的意思,而“D’heygere”是设计师的姓。





The line is all about prints, with last season focused on enlarged exotic fruit prints – pineapples, banana skins, water melon and sharlyn melon, matching with neon zippers and nylon fabric.







For F/W2011 Stephanie amplify the legwear collection with long pencil skirts, sleeved bodies and cute little gloves. The skirt is definitely my favorite peak, I literally fell in love with it at the first sight.





4 new bold prints are inspired by the forest and I can tell you straight away that they will immediately put you in a funky, autumn atmosphere. All you have to do is mix and match it with basic jersey top and you look outstanding during the day, then pull a zipper a bit up and rock the party at night.




Both collections are waiting for you at Alter!











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