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Over the past few decades Belgian designers have successfully tried to build up they position, being recognizable as latest fashion anti-conformists. You fashion followers, who probably know Maison Martin Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester and Dries Van Noten may want to take a deeper look at their homeland friend, Tim Van Steenbergen. For the rest of you, who associate Belgium only with their delicious, high-quality chocolate this persona will be great to start working on your further education.


在过去的几十年里比利时设计师已经成功的树立了他们的地位,被认作为是最新的时尚反遵奉者。作为潮流追随者的你们,有谁知道Maison Martin Margiela,Ann Demeulemeester 和Dries Van Noten想要好好的拜访一下他们的老乡,Tim Van Steenbergen。对于剩下的你们,有谁结识那些只与他们的美味且高品质的巧克力在一起的比利时人,这些人将成为你将来开始教育深造的很好的工作伙伴。


Steenbergen graduated Magna cum Laude at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts (fashion department, textile creation and theatre costume). Subsequently he took classes in drapery and couture techniques and worked as the first assistant of Olivier Theyskens. His first collection was launched in 2001 in Paris and in the same year he set up his own company Mitzlavv bvba.


Steenbergen以优异的学习成绩毕业于安特卫普皇家艺术学院(服装系,纺织创作和舞台服装),随后他参与了布料和服装设计技巧的课程并成为了设计师Olivier Theyskens的第一任助理。在2001年的巴黎,他发布了第一场服装展示,并在同年成立了他自己的公司——Mitzlavv bvba。


Jennifer Lopez, lindsay lohan and Princess Claire of Belgium spotted wearing Tim Van Steenbergen

Today, except of having his own, highly appreciated by Hollywood celebrities label, he’s a Creative Director of the successful upmarket fashion label Chine, and a costume designer for performances at a world renowned opera house in Milan, La Scala. I guess, we all can envy such multitask skills!


现今,被好莱坞的明星深度青睐,他是个成功的高级时装品牌的创意总监,同时也是米兰著名歌剧院La Scala的舞台服装设计师。我猜,我们都羡慕他拥有如此丰富的技能吧!


Tim Van Steenbergen’s costumes for Richard Wagner’s opera “Die Walküre” performed at La Scala.

Steenbergen’s A/W 2011 collection seeks it’s inspiration in the work of German painter and sculptor Anselm Kiefer, whose paintings and installations use symbolic photographic images to deal ironically with 20th century German history.


Steenbergen2011的秋冬系列汲取了德国画家兼雕刻家Anselm Kiefer的作品的灵感,他的画作和装置运用了象征性的图像来讽刺20世纪的德国历史。


 A/W 11 lookbook


Steenbergen explains that each garment in the collection is a concept in itself, a sensibility of an emotion.




“I love the fact that my designs are able to provoke very strong emotions in people who wear them. And it actually doesn’t matter if these emotions are negative or positive — it’s often the controversy that matters. When my designs shake people up,bring exuberance in their lives, and don’t leave them indifferent, I feel like I’ve achieved something very important.” says designer in one of his interviews.




A/W 11 editorial


Did he achieve this goal with his A/W 2011 collection?




In my eyes, the style evolves into a refined pureness and female elegance. It’s very sensitive, calm and beautiful mix of modernity and a hint of some village spirit. That’s what I see looking at the editorial. Quite hypnotizing.




A/W 11 editorial

Tim’s collection have already arrived at Alter, which means you can test it yourself and check if it’s in touch with your emotions.




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