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Lara Stone x Markus Lupfer’s in-famous lips


This season the London-based designer  is bringing  the cool-girl look to Alter!

总部在伦敦的设计师 Markus Lupfer 在这季里面给我们Alter带来了最酷的女孩的形象。


To make the short introduction, he graduated from the  with first-class honours degree in 1997. Thanks to his unique style and the artful way he refreshes everyday basics, the German-born designer didn’t wait long for commercial success. His critically acclaimed final year collection was immediately bought by fashion boutique Koh Samui. And shortly after that he was awarded the New Generation Award, in 2001, allowing him to show the label that bears his name.


我们简单的给大家介绍一下这位天才设计师,他以第一等级的成绩毕业于1998年。由于他卓越的设计功力和艺术般的判断力给每天穿着的基本款注入了新的元素,这使得他很快在商业上面取得了很大的成功。他最后一年的设计系列很快被服装店Koh Samui买去。很快,他被授予2001年新生代奖,他也获得了展示他同名品牌的机会。



For Autumn/Winter 2011 a knitwear specialist Markus Lupfer goes beyond the expectations not only in case of his designs. He do understand what does English style means and throws his new collection fete in the most original and whimsical Billiard room in London, and it’s a most welcome break from the traditional fashion show.


针织衫设计最为出众的 Markus Lupfer 2011年秋冬带给大家的远远超过了所期望的。他清楚的知道英国风格代表着什么,同时他最新系列的庆祝会在伦敦最原始的和奇特的Billiard房间举行。



“Kaleidoscopic Tea Party” was the title of Lupfer’s LFW presentation

Everything is perfectly fitted – the models are seated in a Red Grooms–ish version of a train, there are scones, clotted cream, and jam on hand (some other good things about England!), soundtrack includes James Brown’s “Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine” and Smokey Robinson and the Miracles’ “Tears of a Clown” and everyone seems to really enjoy the moment.


所有的都准备就位,而且非常完整的表现除了这完美的瞬间-模特们就坐在有点带有红色新郎感觉的火车里,周围有烤饼,凝结的冰欺凌,粘在手上的果酱(这是一些能代表英国的好东西),音乐随即响起,包括了James Brown’s”Get Up(I Feel Like Being a)Sex Machine”以及Smokey RobinsonMiracles”Tears of a Clown”,大家看起来都是如此的享受这一个精心的制造的一个瞬间。



Models & designer himself sitting on the right



Gorgeous Olivia Palermo from “The City”, designer’s old friend and muse



The inspiration behind the collection are the woodlands of  Nordic and Alpine terrains, it’s winter landscapes and the phosphorescent light of sun on the snow that emerges in the metallic Lurex, which is weaved into modern tweed coats and dresses. The effect is amazing and I can imagine how beautiful you must look wearing this coat, shining in the winter sunlight.


设计师的灵感来源于北欧的树林地和阿尔卑斯的地势,冬天的地势和阳光在雪地聚集的地方散发着点点磷光,这些都被他的带入了现代的毛绒外套和裙子。 出来的效果太棒了了,我们可以想象穿在身上是多么的有现代女孩的时尚感,穿越在冬季的街头,身上散发着阳光和服装淡淡的火花。





Also, for this season Lupfer haven’t forgot about his trademark. An upbeat message for the fall sounds: “You look really good today„ and is spelt out in sequins on simple knitwear shapes. But this is not the most witty part…







If you have heard about Markus before you have to know his signature – the sequin lips.  Then I assume you are familiar with Lara Stone, the extraordinary Dutch model and her in-famous gap-tooth. Now put these two things together and you got a “laughing lips” sweater – designer’s leitmotif (see first picture!). So playful and sexy. It’s just how the youth supposed to be. It’s one of the reasons why legions of Lupfer’s fans include celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, and Lily Allen.


如果你已经听过了Markus的大名,你必须要知道他的一个特色签名-闪亮珠片的嘴唇。我设想你对Lara Stone非常了解,她是非常著名的一位荷兰模特和她出名的微微张开的嘴唇。现在我们把这2个东西放在一起,你就得到了这个微笑嘴唇针织衫-设计师的主题。整个是一个好玩而且很性感的感觉,年轻不应该就是这样么。这也是为什么像Gwen StefaniRihanna,和 Lily Allen都是他忠实的粉丝。




It’s a must have!


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