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We all know that shoes are fashionable women's favorite accessory. It has became so common that it’s our obsession that no one longer feels bad about buying another pair of killer heels or soft, delicate slippers. But let’s face it, it`s not only a made up, consumptionist phrase – shoes do have a big meaning, since they shape a whole silhouette and are a perfect way of self-expression. There is no doubt that walking through the crowd wearing a perfect pair of shoes gives us a certain amount of confidence.





Charlotte Olympia Dellal photographed by Julia Kennedy


Charlotte Dellal, the designer behind Charlotte Olympia brand seems to fully understand that fact. Halfh-english, half-brazilian, daughter of an ex-model Andrea Dellal, and sister of famous London it-girl, Alice Dellal is one of the most gorgeous women within the business. She graduated from Cordwainers, the prestigious college that also produced Jimmy Choo, and opened a London flagship store last July. You can see follow her blog and see a bit of her fabulous personal style here.


Charlotte Dellal,作为Charlotte Olympia 背后的设计师很明白这个道理。 Charlotte Dellal 是一半英国血统,一半巴西血统,也是前名模Andrea Dellal的女儿,姐姐Andrea Dellal是伦敦著名的it-girl 也是在她身处的商业圈里面最为漂亮的女人之一。Charlotte Dellal毕业于Cordwainers,这是一所非常有地位的学校,Jimmy Choo也是毕业于这里,在伦敦的旗舰店已在去年7月开张。你可以从她的BLOG看到她具有魅力的的个人风格。


If you feel a bit bored with market crammed with luxury brands like Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin you should definitely take a look at her label. Charlotte Olympia`s always feminine and classic designs are full of colors and amazing small details that give them humoristic twist. Those small touches as well as incredibly high heels or platforms make them stand out of the crowd. Charlotte is constantly in-love with the by-gone era, 1940`s and 50`s and you can really feel that nostalgic retro vibe in her designs.


如果你觉得奢侈品牌像Manolo Blahnik Christian Louboutin 太过无聊,那就来看看Charlotte Olympia的品牌。她是一个十分女人和经典结合的设计者,设计充分展示了对颜色的大力运用和令人惊叹的小细节,这是颜色和细节之间进行的一次幽默的扭转。这些小细节的添加是让超高跟鞋或者是前水台部分拥有绝对的出众。Charlotte一直钟情于逝去的纪元,像40年代或者50年代,所以在她的设计中你绝对感觉到那强烈的股怀旧气息。

A/W 2011 collection is called “To Die For” and it`s inspiration ware the queen`s of crime, Agata Christie`s novels. There is a shoe called Arleneafter Dellal’s favorite book character from “Evil U nder the Sun”. The collections is made of beautiful velvets, vivid colors and leopard prints, and again all the lavish details make it very individual and remarkable. Every piece is followed by a gold spider web, which is Charlotte Olympia trademark.


There is a short noir-inspired film presenting Charlotte Olympia Fall 2011 collection that you can see on We highly recommend!



A/W2011秋冬系列取名为“To Die For”,灵感来源于一个Agata Christie’s 的小说-制造罪恶的女王。这里有一个鞋被命名为Arlene,源自于Dellal最喜欢的小说“太阳下的恶魔”里面的角色。这个系列都是用了美丽的天鹅绒,多彩色系和豹纹印花,值得重复说明的是大量细节的使用让鞋子变得无比的个人化和无可替代。每一件都附带有一个金色的蜘蛛网,这个是Charlotte Olympia的专属商标。

我们强烈建议大家到Style.com上面去观看一个具有灵感的小短片,里面展示了Charlotte Olympia 2011秋季的时尚系列。








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