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Today we have a pleasure to introduce one of the most exciting pieces that just have arrived to our store. We are talking about IOSSELLIANI, jewelry that is all about the glamour modernity and mystery.


今天我们很荣幸能介绍才到达我店最为华丽的饰品。对,是IOSSELLIANI, 珠宝永远是一个充满华丽和神秘的饰品。



Roberta Paolucci and Paolo Giacomelli, people who stand behind the brand have launched their company in Rome 1997. Before they have both worked and cooperated with Romeo Gigli, Missoni, Fiorucci, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Antonio Marras, and Kenzo.


1997年,Roberta PaolucciPaolo Giacomelli在罗马建立了他们自己品牌的公司。在这之前,他们俩和时尚品牌Romeo Gigli Missoni Fiorucci Alessandro Dell’AcquaAntonio MarrasKenzo 合作过。



They are strongly influenced by the Italian classic jewelry and in every collection they show their love for vivid materials crafted into modern shapes with the enormous heritage of tradition.





That is the basic knowledge that you should have before you slip into the beautiful, imaginary world of mystery that they have created.









In Autumn/Winter 2011-12 Collection the echoes of  S\S 2011 are combined with a brighter, more flirtatious images, full of details and shades. As designers introduce the collection, it`s all about the contrast: illusion and balance, light and fire, fun and mystery. 


2011秋冬系列中所表现的,是2011年春夏系列的特色结合了更为艳丽的色彩,和更多挑逗的图画,细节和阴影部分有明显的突出。像设计师介绍的他的这一系列说道,这个系列就是要表现一个强烈的对比效果:幻觉和平衡,光感和火花, 娱乐性和神秘感。









So just for inspiration – imagine -  treasures scattered in an ancient Indians place, blinking out of a dusty chests in an afternoon sun. Isn`t it a picture that we all want to discover one day?



灵感会是什么呢,让我们来想象一下, 珠宝散落在一块古老的印度大地之上,在一个艳阳的下午天,挂在胸前的珍珠闪闪发光,这不就是我们想在某天去发现的一副画面么?






But before that will happen, IOSSELLIANI gives as a hand. Variation of faded necklaces with studs and coloured stones, insect brass necklaces with colorful rhinestones and rings  topped with quartz and studs not only will please your desire but also will take you on a journey to a fairyland. Its beyond amazing, it`s…


但是在这些画面发生之前,但是作为一个品牌IOSSELLIANI给与了它的全部。退色处理的过的多条项链配以五彩的石头配件,昆虫黄铜的项链搭配彩色的莱因石, 戒指被镶嵌在石英上面, 铆钉将不仅是满足你欲望的唯一配饰,它将带给你一个绝妙的旅程。或许,一切的一切将远远超越完美。。。






Drop in to ALTER and feel the wild spirit!

Alter 来感受这份狂野的激情吧!








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