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Whether you are a physics geek, 60s & 70s fan, a raver soul or a fashion girl with a sense of style and no fear for innovation, Christopher Kane 2012 resort collection will win your heart and take a place in there for a long, long time. Before you go further please consider that probably for the next couple of  weeks no other piece of garment will seem to be suitable for all the occasions when you want dress to impress. So if you are ready to sacrifice these few other purchases that will not compare with Kane`s rainbow candies  take a deeper look at following review.


无论你是个天生的傻瓜,或是6070年代追随者,或是极其具有社交的灵魂,或者是一个有型的时尚女孩不惧怕任何的风格改革,Christopher Kane 2012 系列将赢得你内心的喜爱,并且将久久的停留在那里,让你无法忘怀。也许在接下来的几周,你再也找不到其他的更适合的衣服去出席一些特殊的场合,让大家对你过目不忘。所以,仔细地来看看由Kane 设计的的“Rainbow”彩虹系列,你会发现那些你将放弃的衣服是绝对无法和“Rainbow”系列做比较的。










The winner of the 2011 BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund, Christopher Kane launched a collection that fulfill all the promises he have left under the last year resort and marvelous spring collection and again proves that he is London's most exciting new design talent. If you are not familiar with Kane`s previous achievements it is time do your homework – check all his collections here.



Christopher Kane 2011BFC/Vogue设计时尚基金的大赢家,他成功运行了一个系列完全诠释了去年的承诺以及令人赞叹的春季系列,毫无疑问证明了他是具有伦敦新一代的设计天赋。如果你对他以前的作品还不太熟悉,那现在正是时候去探索他以往的服装作品。




As designer explains, “prisms and reflective fabrics” were the inspiration that sparked him to use the rainbow neon colors and metallic, vivid prints. Perfect, straight form designs together with colorful cashmere, and light-catching lamé give the impression that futuristically pieces cross each other with a retro-romantic mood. The effect is so outstanding that there is no doubt that it will be a next influential hit.








The set of 30 fabulous edgy silhouettes is definitely a boomer that will keep you awake even during a long and gloomy day. Let yourself be inspired !











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