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日本品牌Wasara开创即弃餐具设计的潮流。Wasara由田边千三代女士及绪方慎一郎所创,前者曾于东京及巴黎修读设计,其后从事公关公司,一次为一间日 本包装集团筹备活动时,发现市场上难以找到有特色风格的纸餐具,遂与设计公司Simplicity创办人绪方慎一郎合作,筹备3年并于2008年创立 Wasara,推出环保的和式即弃餐具。

Clearly designed to accentuate food and drink, WASARA elevates single-use tableware to a whole new level. Offering the best in Japanese design, these products fit comfortably in the hand, with an elegant texture and sturdy quality that are unparalleled in the category. Sheer beauty is only half the story, though: WASARA is also a fully “green” product. Made from tree-free renewable materials, and fully biodegradable and compostable, WASARA is as good to the earth as it is to your culinary creations. WASARA tableware is made from sugar cane fiber, bamboo, and reed pulp. WASARA utensils are made from 100% bamboo, peeled directly from the bamboo culm.

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备受时尚达人和明星追捧的LES PETITS JOUEURS,用其充满趣味的手包征服了时尚圈,大胆的用乐高积木作为灵感,就像是该品牌设计师一样,在一个法语单词都不会讲的请款下勇闯巴黎,靠的就是那颗纯真无惧的童心。跟着ALTER进入这多彩的时尚手包世界吧,找到你的童年,选出你的时尚宠儿!

Maria Sole Cecchi, also known as Les Petits Joueurs designer, was just of age when she left her house in Florence to go to Paris in search of inspiration for a lifetime. The inspiration came when she began to create special bags, by re-editing some old ones she had: she glued the famous Lego brick on them, she went out the same night, accompanied by her new accessory, and to her surprise… it was a HIT. Conceived out of her love for the unique, what started as a pastime to satisfy her own desires and tastes, quickly began to gain the attention and curiosity from the fashion elite worldwide.


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魅惑双眸,芬芳红唇,当属女人两大最具杀伤力武器。多少设计师、艺术家都尝试把这两元素融入到时装,配饰,家居艺术中。在ALTER近期的Kick-Off Event上,荷兰表现主义艺术家Merijn Kavelaars现场邀请入场嘉宾在画布上吻出唇印,店铺内陈设的Lulu Guinness手包系列, LLND的红唇灯也成了当晚主角。


Who was the luckiest one at our ALTER Kick-off Event? This painting board! Check this out:




Fashion blogger Peter XU gave us the first kiss from a guy!




More kisses are coming with our guests.





How deep is your love…






No red lipsticks on? Don't worry, we get mirror and lipsticks ready for you right now!




And… More kisses!

继续来, 吻吧!


Now you can tell me who is the luckiest guy of the night?


Because of the lips shape, Lulu Guinness and LLND products displayed in store, are also the stars of the evening.

红唇造型的Lulu Guinness手包系列,以及LLND的灯具,也成了当晚的明星。

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是的,你没有看错,英国超人气设计师 J.W. Anderson来沪了!这是J.W. Anderson的首次中国行,也是Alter在2012年的年尾为大家送上的重磅惊喜!J.W. Anderson在最近的一系列动作都十足的吸引眼球,在这个永远不乏天才出没的时尚圈,他的迅速串红却是本年度最具话题性的事件。


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