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蝴蝶效应: CAMILLA AND MARC 2011秋冬系列

Sydney-based brother-sister duo Camilla and Marc Freeman 总部设于悉尼的姐弟设计组合 Camilla and Marc Freeman

这是一个诞生于天才设计师组合手中的品牌,他们是Camilla与Marc Freeman姐弟俩。毫无疑问,兄弟姐妹共同掌舵一个品牌,这是一种非同寻常的状况,但这是否也是Camilla and Marc能够取得的巨大成功的秘密呢?


The label is the result of the creative talent of brother and sister team, Camilla and Marc Freeman. There is no doubt that being siblings at the helm of a fashion brand gives them an unique position, but maybe it should be rather sad that it is a part of the secret behind their tremendous success?




Now in its eight year, they have established a strong brand that is being admired by the most fashionable crowd, Alter has a pleasure to share their newest trends with our customers.


这一季的新系列给我们带来充满层次感的设计,质地手感与色彩,Camilla and Marc AW 2011.


 This season takes us on a journey filled with layers, texture and colour – presenting Camilla and Marc AW 2011.




Where in previous collections Sydney-based duo were referencing a summer day in a French countryside, for winter, they inspiration is being even more gentle –  the collection reflects the metamorphosis of a butterfly, as the designers call it themselves.  


 Camilla&Marc A/W11 inspirational mood board    Camilla&Marc2011秋冬灵感元素剪切板








Starting with a colour palette of black, white and mustard the collection works with ribbed leathers and ruched satins to create a series of tight, clean dresses matched back with skinny knits.




Softer silhouettes come through in a series of silk georgette dresses that hang loosely from the shoulders, creating a cocoon style silhouette that mixes comfort with ease. Winter warmth is created with wool felt trenches in winter white and soft grey with fur collars layered over the top.


                        Camilla&Marc A/W 11 collection                                                Camilla&Marc2011秋冬系列




Modern and cool, the suit is integral to this collection and is offered in various fab-rications and silhouettes including a blue and grey leopard print tuxedo style to a wide-leg version in toffee coloured silk faille.


 Our personal favorite is indeed the leopard printed dress. Although the pattern may seem a bit cliché (or is it?), for me it works perfectly on time. The mix of colour and structure of the fabric makes it fresh and enormously tempting. 

                                             Alters’  choice                                                                 Alter推荐




My top two piece is lace. Elegant and grown up, that dress can make you look truly alluring. All you need to finish this look is a bold, leather bangle or a small square clutch.



 A playful mood overtakes the collection with the injection of a spearmint floral jac-quard, perfectly crafted into ankle skimming trousers and full skirted party dresses.


                         Camilla&Marc A/W 11 collection                                                 Camilla&Marc2011秋冬系列



 Eye-catching yet elegant design makes it easy to understand the phenomena that celebrities all over the world are going wild for the Australian label.

 现在,您有机会加入到Camilla and Marc的魅力队伍中来,可以莅临ALTER店铺或至网上商店购买Camilla and Marc.


Now you have a chance to join the glamour circuit wearing Camilla and Marc.
Drop in to Alter or purchase via our online store at

                     Camilla&Marc A/W 11 collection                                             Camilla&Marc2011秋冬系列

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Rupert Sanderson品牌10周年纪念

A/W 11 Collection available at Alter and via our online store2011秋冬系列ALTER有售—光临网上店铺

On the spot: Rupert Sanderson Let’s begin with a bit of storytelling… In the year of 1997 young Sanderson resigned from his career in advertising and decided to try his forces in a totally different field. He traveled to London to learn how to make shoes at the Cordwainers College. It happened that the choice was more than right and during the summer break of the two year course he rode a motorbike to Italy to visit as many shoe factories, tanneries and last makers as he could. He was already trapped. Effort along with incredible talent and sense of style has quickly made him to become one of top world’s shoe designers.

直击:关于Rupert Sanderson让我们先从一个故事说起… 那是1997年,Rupert Sanderson还在广告行业供职,年轻的他开始想要尝试进入一个非常不同的领域。他旅行至伦敦,并在伦敦艺术大学配饰专业学习如何设计制作鞋子。在两年课业中的暑假,Rupert Sanderson骑着他的摩托车到意大利旅行, 造访很多当地的制鞋工厂、制革厂乃至鞋楦厂, 这些经历让他豁然开朗。辛勤的积累加与惊人的天份,加上Rupert Sanderson对时尚的敏感, 使他迅速成为一名世界顶级的鞋履设计师。

No longer than 10 days ago Rupert Sanderson was celebrating 10 years anniversary of his fabulous brand.

还有不到10天, Rupert Sanderson就将迎来他个人品牌成立的十周年。



Terri by Simon Thiselton for Rupert Sanderson Autumn Winter 2011-2012 Simon Thiselton 为Rupert Sanderson2011-2012秋冬系列拍摄的大片

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Jonathan Saunders is one of the designers that I had to wait to admire. Being totally honest, what might be a bit weird in a fashion writing circuit, when I first saw one of his previous collections, I thought “naah, is it really something worth spending my money on?”, but then slowly, along with our „acquaintance was getting more intense I have begun to feel first a kid of likeness, and then a real value of his work.


Jonathan Saunders是一个我非常崇拜的设计师。也许这样说会有点奇怪,当我第一次看到他上一系列时,我想“…这真的是值得我花钱去买的吗?但是渐渐的,我开始了解这个品牌,开始对它产生了一体会和认识到它的价值所在。



And today I can clearly see why Alexander Macqueen hired a young Scottish designer only 2 days after his graduation from Glasgow School of Arts.


今天我能明白为什么Alexander Macqueen请了这么一个才从格拉斯哥美术学校毕业不到2天的年轻设计师。



It all begun with Jonathan F/W 11 collection that melted my cold heart.

Beautifully elegant and chic range is full of subtly Art-Nouveau printed dresses, shirts and pencil skirts in hues of cranberry, teal, emerald, and red. Its inspired by the 30s and 40s, old subversive photographs of Paul Outerbridge, retro journals and prints of William Morris. There was no wonder I might not fall in love with it. Although, recently its popular for designers to tell a specific story behind the collection, rarely it happens to be as relevant and authentic as in case of JS. The most obvious sign of its brilliant inspiration are of course patterns, but for those who are a bit more familiar with 30s chic its easy to see the links in cuts and shapes. The vibrant, fragile decadence talks through the clothes.


一切从Jonathan 2011秋冬系列融化了我那一刻开始。

魅力高贵又女性化系列是一个全新的艺术印花裙,短裙和铅笔裙都充满了酸果蔓,鸳鸯,翡翠的色调和红色。系列被3040年代的作品所感染,包括Paul Outerbridge怀旧颠覆性的照片,很久前的旧新闻纸以及William Morris的印花。这也可能是我一开始没有去喜欢上它的原因。虽然现在很流行去构造一个设计些列背后的故事,但是在JS这里却表现得非常的相得益彰。这已系列最让明显的标志性东西就是非常巧妙的图案运用,对熟悉30年代女人打扮的朋友来说就会很容易发现服装剪裁和形状的联系性。服装里面展示着一种脆弱的颓废震撼。

William Morris’s Retro wallpaper partens

Except the entire beautiful splendor Jonathan Saunders didnt forgot about his buyers. Every piece can work as professional daywear, but isnt too serious to take out to an early evening event. No one can question that its a big advantage. And one more thing –the geometric and graphic patterns as well as contrast colors give a boundless possibility to mix and match, which is one of the main trends to follow this season.


把这些美丽的光环放一边不说,Jonathan Saunders没有忘记他的顾客们。每件衣服都能作为日常穿着搭配,又可以出席一些傍晚的活动。没有人会有任何关于你穿着的疑问,这将会是一个很大的好处。还有一点值得一说的是-几何形象图案加以对比的颜色给我们了一种没有界限的混搭,这将也是这季主要的风格。


So, after seeing A/W collection I started to really appreciate JS work, but the moment I became a truehearted fan came about a week ago, when his S/S 12 was presented at the London Fashion Week.

The collection pays a tribute to the colour, its density and strength in the way of causing emotions. The way silhouettes full of pastels presented on subtle shining fabrics were following each other on the runway was pure perfection!





I have a feeling that there is a strong link to the previous collection, but not in a way of repeating shapes or patterns, but in a fluency of style.

After 30s and 40s winter, designer takes us to the 50s where full-skirted silhouettes bring Miami Déco into the future. Silk dressed and skirts are floating effortlessly and every look exemplifies timelessly elegant women.





Oh, I cannot wait for the spring to come!




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